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Creative Grids Rulers at Birdsong Quilting

Creative Grids Rulers at Birdsong Quilting

Quilters know, measuring and cutting precise shapes and sizes is essential to achieving a polished and professional look for their projects. While traditional rulers can get the job done, Creative Grids rulers take precision to the next level. These specialized rulers are designed with unique features that make the task of measuring and cutting fabric a breeze. Birdsong Quilting is proud to stock these high quality, Made in the USA products for our customers!  

One of the key features of Creative Grids rulers is the non-slip surface on the underside of the ruler, which helps to prevent slipping and sliding while you’re cutting.  These rulers also feature a grid pattern of lines and markings, which allows you to measure and cut with extreme precision. The grid pattern makes it easy to line up your fabric exactly where you want it, and the markings allow you to measure both length and width with ease.

The 6.5” x 18.5” is one of the most popular we sell at Birdsong Quilting, a traditional rectangle, long and straight ruler. Did you know Creative Grids rulers are also available in combinations of shapes that include curves and angles? The angled lines and markings for cutting triangles or diamonds, or curves for cutting round shapes help the quilter to be efficient and productive!  

We also love that the Creative Grids website features instructional videos for each of their rulers! As an example, check out the video for the Bias Binding Simplified ruler designed by Janice Pope. This ruler is fast becoming a favorite here at the shop.

Don’t forget we offer the Stripology Class four times throughout the year. In this class you will work with the Creative Grids Stripology Ruler designed by Gudrun Erla. You will learn how to cut multiple strips in ½” and ¼” increments as well as using it to sub cut your strips quickly and accurately. You will also learn how to use a Stripology Ruler to square up your blocks, cut diamonds and triangles from strips. You might even learn a little geometry too!

Which Creative Grids ruler is your favorite? Let us know in the comments or tag us in your project pictures on Facebook and Instagram!

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