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About Us

Team Birdsong 2021

Birdsong Quilting, Embroidery & Crafts began as a small shop. Located in a growing town, here in the Central Bluegrass Region of Kentucky.  

Although this brick and mortar shop started out in a small space, and with limited inventory, there has always been a larger than life community of quilting friends. We know there is proof, many beginners learned from classes hosted by our shop!

Under my ownership, I purchased the shop in January 2017,  we took steps that would make it the largest and most popular shop in the Central Bluegrass Region.  Purchasing our building was just the first step in my dream to expand the shop but size was not my primary goal. That supportive network and a community of caring friends has always been my driving force.  

My reasons are personal, I have a 25 year old special needs daughter who is outgoing, has a beautiful smile and is a friend to all.  She has a progressive disease and has had some decline in the past five years, she is currently confined to her power wheelchair.  She reminds me everyday how precious life is and how truly wonderful life can be with a tight knit community like the one we have grown here at Birdsong Quilting.

Similar to our local community, we endeavor to grow and support our online community in ways that are equally as strong and supportive to our far away friends.  We offer the best in quality quilting fabrics which will spark your imagination and answer your dreams of creating lifelong memories for your friends and family.  

At Birdsong we have close to 5000 bolts of fabric, a complete selection of Pre-cut fabric gems and if you like, we have paired our fabrics with patterns to make beautiful quilt kits which take the guesswork out of making beautiful quilts.  

We are also an Authorized Retailer for Handi Quilter machines, both large and small.

Known simply as Birdsong Quilting, we are located at 228 E Main Street, Georgetown KY.  That’s right, Main Street, the name alone conjures up a small town in America.

Our building on Main Street does have some significant history and pictures dating as far back as the early 1900's suggest it was here in the turn of the century.  This building was a grocery store in the 20's, and just prior to our residency it was home to a community furniture store for 41+ years.  We have 10,000 square feet of space and insist on maintaining an open floor plan fully accessible for all wheelchairs as well as able bodied others.  We are also the only building that has its own parking lot accessible from Main Street, making it easy to visit us in person.  

If you have never visited this region of the country you are missing something special.  We are minutes north of Lexington KY, the horse capital of the world.  Please, come visit, take a tour of the Toyota plant, visit some retired race horses and stop in to see our destination quilt shop.  We would love to meet you and welcome you to our community of quilters. If you are traveling with a group we can arrange for group activities, personalized demonstrations, special discounts and more.