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Featherweight Sewing Machines + Service at Birdsong Quilting

Featherweight Sewing Machines + Service at Birdsong Quilting

Featherweight sewing machines by Singer are iconic! Mark your calendar now for our upcoming Featherweight Event happening on August 18 + 19, 2023. Come to Birdsong Quilting  to see and sew with these wonderful machines. Thirty machines will be here, the largest selection in the tri-state area! 

For every $100 spent on purchasing the Featherweight of your choice you will receive $10 gift card amount for use shopping at your favorite quilt store, Birdsong Quilting!

Featherweight Singer Sewing Machine

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Are you taking the time to ensure your Featherweight is running in tip-top condition? Beyond starting a new project with a new needle, we are talking about servicing your machine annually! This includes oiling, lubricating, and setting tension.

Oiling a Featherweight Singer

Did you know there’s a spot on the Featherweight that can benefit from a drop of oil every time you sit and sew? There are other spots that benefit from a drop of oil every 8 hours of sewing? And there are points on the machine that should get a drop of oil every 6 months. 


 It is possible to take care of some of this on your own. Let us know if you’re interested in learning and we can look into arranging a class! If you’d rather leave machine servicing to the experts, this is a great opportunity to drop off your Featherweight for service ensuring it's in tip-top shape.


From classic black, to color pops, opportunities to ask questions and see the machines at work,  Featherweight Events at Birdsong Quilting are not to be missed! We hope you’ll make a plan to visit us in Georgetown, Kentucky!

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